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Janahitha Labs

Janahitha Labs is initiated by medical professionals with vast experience in medical field.

The motto behind this project is to offer high quality, affordable and accurate medical tests and profiles which are ‘really’ useful to people for preventive health care and diagnosis.


People fall sick due to diseases, or pre-existing conditions. With so much unpredictability prevailing today, it is essential that you have a medical expert by your side to guide you.
Our facilities and the best-in-class technology, as well as trained technicians will help you get a complete picture on your health.

Health Checks

Most of us visits a doctor when we are in need of a treatment but do not take an early intervention. But it is very important to keep a check ln your health regularly through checkups, which may include annual checkups or regular physical            examinations.                                                                  


 Health issues are steadily rising in our country due to various factors. Detecting a health problem at an early stage is the only solution to getting the right cure at the right time. Always keep a track of your health by visiting a diagnostic centre and undergo screening tests.      

We Diagnose We Give Your Solutions

Get your tests done by professionally trained technicians at Janahitha Labs. We are one of the leading diagnostic centres in Hyderabad with a wide range of diagnostic tests and procedures. We are equipped with both routine and speciallized pathology checks that can be availed to keep an update on your health.

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There is no Doubt To Get Your Service Our Years of Experience Assures Best of Services

Thyroid Test

Thyroid profile test is a group of tests to evaluate functioning of Thyroid gland. This test is done to diagnose disorders of thyroid and imbalance…

Diabetes Test

Diabetes can be checked as a part of your routine health check up. For patients already suffering from diabetes…

Allergy test

Allergies can vary from food allergies to medication challenges. If you want to find out any pecific type of allergy…

Janahitha Labs

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